Lectionary @ Lunch

Lectionary at Lunch+ is a new resource from Concordia Seminary, Saint Louis that pulls together all of the great lectionary resources Concordia Seminary already provides to the Church and gathers them in one easily-searchable, central location. Lectionary at Lunch audio files, Homiletical Helps from the Concordia Journal, and sermons preached in daily chapel services are just a few of the resources available, and more are being added all the time. All these resources are organized by texts, and the texts are organized by the Lectionary, so however you go about choosing what to preach each week, it’s easy to find the resources you need. So take a moment and get to know how Lectionary at Lunch+ works. We pray it will prove to be a blessing to you and to your ministry.

Brief Video Walkthrough

For a brief video tour of Lectionary at Lunch+, including an overview of how to navigate and find resources, check out the video to the left.


How to use Lectionary @ Lunch+