Alumni & Friends

The alumni of any institution are an important asset, but especially to Concordia Seminary. It is you who refer new students and bring together support for your alma mater. Thank you for all you do! We pray that we may continue to support you as you serve our Lord and His church.

Concordia Seminary wants to keep its alumni informed and connected, both with your alma mater and with each another. Please see the latest Alumni Update for a summary of current and upcoming events and activities on campus. Many resources are available to alumni through this website, Seminary publications, and other media. Through the Seminary Library, alumni may access an online database, including search engine and full text, of more than one hundred major religious and theological journals.

If we can be of assistance, please contact Alumni Relations at It is our pleasure to serve all of our alumni!

Concordia Seminary achieves its mission through the faithful generosity of those who provide the financial resources needed to prepare highly-qualified and capable pastors and leaders for our church and world.  There are opportunities for everyone to be involved in this important and exciting work.

How important are you to our work?

Every gift – whether from an individual, a couple, a family, a business, a family foundation, a congregation, a church-related organization or other agency – is absolutely vital.  Regardless of how much each individual donor provides, donor gifts in total provide the majority of the financial resources used to accomplish Concordia Seminary’s work.